Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I heard some Rep. from California making excuses for
stapling The REAL ID bill to the Iraqmire supplemental.
The bill says if you use your driver's licence to board an
airplane or gain entrance to Federal facilities, it must be
a hot-shit new license. What played in my mind was a
scene from Guide to the Married Man (I think) where
Walter Matthau gets caught by his wife in bed with
another woman. He works his wife while the babe gets
dressed and outtathere. He keeps asking his wife "what
woman?" and rides that thru the scene until the wife
wonders if she was maybe seeing things. This David
Drier guy sounded like Walter Matthau "what ID thefts?"
"what national ID?" - no wonder we're screwed.

Ever think how sex, since it's something we ALL do
eventually and for some of us, continually, should be the
dividend and not the divisor. Arguing about sex is worse
than arguing about eating -

How can you tell if a man is really well hung?
When you can just slip your finger in between his neck
and the noose.