Monday, May 16, 2005

Handling the Truth

Frustration is a condition I'm working on. Remission still reigns with my temper, my ignominious adulterous ways and my willingness to go to distortion to stengthen my point,so let's take on frustration. Love breathes with truth and breathing is sacred here. So what can I do to deal better with the frustration I allow over things that don't take the direct path to the clarity I need to feel a matter is taken care of? Deferral works with things like fixing a handle that's broken in a difficult area but for gestures and disappointment, it fails. The clarity that comes from stepping outside and breathing deeply deflates the frustration neatly and pleasantly but I want the frustration to find NO place to land when it first appears. Like the feigned or developed indifference the therapist portrays as the client reveals that she juggles babies (thanks Wanda Sykes), I want to go directly to a positive response without first having to deflate the frustration. And truth is paramount, so the technique has to be real even if it involves some pretending. The soul responds noticeably to really good improv, making performance an important ingredient in the optimum conclusion. Maybe I'll start with treating frustration just like flab or HTML - things that need exercise & practice to maintain the edge. Today and every day I'll enthusiastically deal with things that I know frustrate me (dipshits in front of the line who are oblivious to us in line as they play Protracted Transaction, a culture which shows more concern for celebrities than the soldiers..), operating in a lab setting so the outcome is trial & not critical. I think I already started today's by tackling my frustration about getting frustrated.

Don't park outside a bar; park about a block away, so later, if an officer sees you stumbling into your car, they won't know whether it's old age or what.