Monday, May 09, 2005


Yesterday featured some soul-connecting emotions
brought on by dedicating renewed loved thru the visuals
of our Moms' pictures relocated for prominence. Some
foreplay by Martin Sheen & ensemble in Texas Funeral,
where a freaked out, overly sensitive kid (Me) was
consoled by an understanding Mom at his grandfather's
funeral, elevated the emotions convincingly for the love
portrayed in Phanton of the Opera.

So today was ripe for laughing and I got it first thing, watching the caption roll during the Today Show as I did crunches under TV #2. They were reporting on this weekend's Kentucky Derby and phonetically wrote mint julips as "mint jew lips" and I pictured Ariel Sharon's mouth sticking out of a glass filled with an iced beverage garnished with mint leaves. Desert winds prevail today, so I'll be back soon..