Sunday, September 11, 2005

Up and Adam

Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent.
~~Jean Kerr

Hard to get past the memories of 4 years ago when writing
about today. Tomorrow's a better day to deliver the diaspora.
Re-run of 9/11/2001:

Where the castles once patted the clouds is a hole that
drains what’s left of the foolish notions we once held
Pretensions about risks hidden among Palm Pilots and
West Wing reruns
Now drenched in despair from a September day gone wrong.

This carnage crushed our spirits as we listen to the voices of
suitors sobbing farewells while encapsulated by flames of Hell
in their cubicles
Leaving scions to walk the streets holding Kodak moments of
the departed
who never said goodbye.

Our innocence is folly, parlayed by pariahs evoking
sanctuary for sacrifice
Sandwiching body parts among shattered steel as the refrain
of why can’t we all get along is drowned in a sea of tears from
watching uniformed angels with masked revulsion assemble
every day in the hall of horrors
where the castles once stood
and where soldiers frolicked.

Our destiny is digitized for solemn screening by
former parishioners in the church of consumption
now sanctified by the reality that
They’re here.

To a person, the cry exhorts pleas for taming the beasts
to reincarnate the serenity when we acted like we are safe.
But our hearts are reminders that serenity is filed under
Security is suspended as banners and flags sustain our
hunger for justice, even while the smoky rubble smolders
A mass grave for loved ones we only got to know from
on network TV.

Hug the children and smother the rage, since we all know that
only love can bridge the aftermath.
Honor the workers around the obliteration
but never lose the caring we now carry
It may let us one day
all get along. Posted by Picasa