Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frankly, Scarlett, Got Better Things to Do

The demands of modern living are so
exacting that men and women everywhere
must exercise deliberate selection to live
~~Robert Grant

One a day where the legs & abs get to rest for
tomorrow, I am working on finding good
ways to exercise deliberate selection. It goes
back to find how far to slide the arrow from
"take what the day gives you" towards "go for
the gold". I see it as already have the gold, go
for fixing the indifferent filter. The move away
from the darkest days of former life where it
was essential to block out all things I couldn't
control to focus on getting control of myself.
One of the residuals is I still go through the
filtering process that ends up putting things
like sports (ALL), violence, celebrities, minor
aches, blah-blah into the indifferent pile of
things that wisdom let me put there. No
malfunction with the filters, just want to keep
refining to ease the selection of the TOP thing
to get into. So writing these words under the
pix is the TOP thing for this moment? Damn
right. I can tell because I still get
overwhelmed with gratitude at the same
intensity. Heard from part of the clan today
whose endearing parts may be still there.
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