Friday, September 02, 2005

Gettin' Reel

Thou hast made thy people suffer hard
things; thou hast given us wine to drink that
made us reel.
~~Psalm 60.3

Tour de France psych says pleasure consumes
us and work strengthens us. Do the work.
Who can argue with do the work? - it often
makes the outcome what we want. It's the
type of work that generates wealth that
doesn't make the essential list for me. Even
the best dentist fills his last tooth one day
which doesn't signal end of worth.
For the lucky few, it is the beginning
of real worth (reel worth, too). Working a
tired muscle strengthens it and prospers
range of motion. Range of motion permits
mobility - the one that counts where gas
prices mean little. Working our neurological
stamens keeps us from having others worry
about us. Working our biological stamens,
well, there's where pleasure abounds. O
Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds..

I'm in the place I found after I sang "so long,
this time I'm goin' to stay..."Thank you,
Antoine" I found her. Posted by Picasa