Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely
wonderful - provided you get between the right man
and the right woman.
~~Woody Allen

Standing in the shadows of love as the temp. outside eases over 105, sure beats laying in the
breeches of oblivion. Today's anthem gives credit to our
living soldiers who flirt with extinction or banishment to
the potter's fields for anonymous warriors. The thanks we mutter to the hundreds of thousands who didn't make it back can never balance the injustice.

A blind man was traveling in his private jet when he
detected something was wrong. He made his way to the
cockpit and got no response from his pilot. The blind guy
then found the radio and started calling the tower.
"Help! Help!" The tower came back and asked, "What's
the problem?" The blind guy yelled, "Help me! I'm blind...
the pilot is dead, and we're flying upside down!" The
tower comes back and asked, "How do you know
you're upside down?" "Because the shit is running down
my back!" Posted by Hello