Tuesday, July 12, 2005

But she breaks just like a little girl

Informed decision-making comes from a long
tradition of guessing and then blaming
others for inadequate results.
Scott Adams

Inadequacy is finding the right words to
describe the #1 holder of what you value
most in your life. How do you say "she's the
best one in your shop" in words that don't
scream "I'm unbound because of her" to ears
expecting a reasoned description (binnesss)?
The quality that releases such sweet, soulful
love is just as much an asset in a constrained
setting like a meeting. It's a quality that living
an almost whole life is worth waiting before
finding it. But when that quality is matched
up againt a progressive outlook on what
works at work, the combo is worthy of
acclaim. Results done within a framework of
organization and empathy are lasting results
that sustain within corporate pride. No need
to accompany with "you'll miss me when I'm
gone" because you don't miss what you don't
know you have. Lay that against exuberantly
knowing precisely what you're getting in full.
Luck ? Some, but mostly destiny, baby.
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