Thursday, July 14, 2005

Facing Tomorrow with a Pyretic Perineum

God cannot be seen so long as there is the
slightest taint of desire. Therefore have your
minor desires satisfied , and renounce the
major ones through right reasoning and

Let's just take this particular country, one
which has made selling, shilling, marketing
while creating need to be fulfilled in the
marketplace, as a starting point. And this other country says,
"wanting a piece of that" and starts beating
that other country at its own game. But guess
what? While the emerging country gets richer
in volumes that pale Walmart, the other
country is stealing the iron grip that the snake oil
seller country used to get the money to make
its strategy work. Was it just me, or does the
image coming out of London make you
wonder if they're digging deeper for real
pride and letting that prevail better than we
did by feeling sorrow and horror then
loading the survivors' families with $$$$ while
flag lapel pins were everywhere. Then we
invaded Iraq. Today the space shuttle has a
fewked-up gas gauge and it's so hot today
that the palm trees were whistling for dogs. Posted by Picasa