Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lady Luck is a Fool's Mentor

Women's total instinct for gambling is
satisfied by marriage.
~~Gloria Steinem

Living among the masses, most of whom take
part in games of chance, tinkers with my
"don't leave the Big Needs to chance"
conviction, but not so much. One doesn't
always follow the other but it helps explain
why I still don't get trying to win big money.
Knowing that the best things in life aren't
things, winning big to be able to buy big
things sounds alot like a formula for
heartbreak. The ultimate jackpot has a pulse
and mine includes me in a role I wrote for
myself when I spent many hours awake in the
dark. She redefined her role to match the
barcode on our soul and my nocturnal hours are
enmeshed now with loving her. She's like a kid
with a puppy unable to keep from squishing
his face. Then it blooms into serenity
moments where the loving declares how it
really is the love-you-long-time version. Being
comfortable helps, being smitten is the center
piece. Posted by Picasa