Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saprophyte: A Good Night for Barren Cliques

All morality has been modelled on immorality and to this day has reinstated it at every level. The slave morality is indeed bad: it is still the master morality.
~~Theodor Adorno

The Bible's portrayal as a fact-checked biology book is like calling sperm unborn children. Too many missing events; like the realm of the unreal. My affectation to avoid the sententious and clog the lines with these words is probably thanks to Benny OneSix and the other Godmen who tout total acceptance or be labeled Godless. You can't be the ex-squeeze me man and be Godless. I just saw the light with my open eyes and it was not as bright as her gaze. I can taste the exact moment. Posted by Picasa