Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sublimate Your Transference

Nothing you write, if you hope to be good, will ever come out
as you first hoped.
~~Lillian Hellman

Using overkill depends on how desperate the receiver is for
getting the shock value to trigger the move towards the
desired results. Going to AA (overkill) after confessing that I
once pulled into the driveway, fell asleep and when the bride
asked what I was doing for the past hour, I said driving home.
The cool hood over the engine nailed me flat. What I
discovered at the two meetings I attended was I will make
sure I don't need hugs from strangers to induce the behavior
the hugs reinforce, hence the overstating lyrics found here
about keeping above the clouds and avoiding impairment like
it's worse than hotel bedspreads that smell like ass. I tasted
old satisfaction today peeling off filthy stained workclothes. I'll
spare the details on the why getting a good tree guy is on the
top of my must-dos. Used to do that as a negotiating ploy but
no need to negotiate now. The love is there for the taking and
giving and it layers the confines entirely. I kiss the ground.
She is my muse and my life.Posted by Picasa