Sunday, August 28, 2005

Under the Fit and Finish

Design is the fundamental soul of a
human-made creation that ends up
expressing itself in successive outer layers of
the product or service.
~~Steve Jobs

The love is made from scratch. Are scratch
golfers lovers? Are itches signs of love?
Around here, a Saturday night sundown can
transform further conversation in the candle
light with tunes from standards singers into a
soulful interlude. Just the two of us,
impervious to monotony, accepting the
serenity from the absence of clutter and loyal
to the feelings that surge without warning.
From inside the cocoon the explanations that
exasperate and confuse outside the gates get
simpler and better understood with every
realization of our brilliance. If it gets any
better, it'll be another day here. Posted by Picasa