Saturday, September 17, 2005

Throw Him A Boner

Imagination was given to man to compensate
him for what he is not; a sense of humor to
console him for what he is.
~~Francis Bacon

From 1000 points of light to 101 sex tips to
today's gripe. Lists of like items to help us in
the collection process. Presorted thoughts
from an organized mind hoping to add one
more to the collection. Problem is where to
put them and what to do about the dust that
gathers. Getting over the rough spots is as
easy as flying above turbulence if the
roughness is a factor of disorganization. If it's
from overload, finding the right altitude takes
more effort. No matter what, the pleasure part
of the cruise is where the money shot
happens. Way over yonder is a horizon linking
the stardust with the ground and we found
right where you can see it best. The latest efforts are H E R E Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

Never a Moment Without You

"Camp" is a vision of the world in terms of style - but a particular style. It is the love of the exaggerated.
~~Susan Sontag

Getting out of the traffic jam in your mind is the first step. Then comes the list of all the places where you find strength, like a page of classified ads. Clarity lets you find the ones which are extra-strength. That initial strength takes you effortlessly then, to the rest of them mixed with the pleasure points for the day. And if you're not sure about from just where you're getting the strength, that love you see in these eyes is the love you put there or at least brought out in blue. Talk about a source of strength..
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Loosie in the Sky

Love wishes to perpetuate itself. Love wishes
for immortality.
~~Mortimer J. Adler

Looks like I found the ultimate warm-up for
the ride to the gym. It's like singing in the rain
with morning sun as the illuminator. It brings
into focus the power of touch and finds
darkness masking any semblance of a
scoreboard. The soundtrack is right from
Morning Wood, sweetened with her
arrangement and summarized by Poke Adds
Life. Just the way you look today. If it turns
out that the unexpected ends up adding to
the cure, watch for more unexpected
satisfiers. I believe there's no doubt how
tender this day is. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Suspension of Disbelief

I always wonder why it's Art to take your clothes off; they never put in the goose pimples.
~~Jamie Hamilton

Purposeful detachment from something
essential for nurturing must be done
with high confidence in your reason for
detaching. It's like the hepa-filter of diverting
unwanted clutter. The benefit of
reduced/eliminated clutter is being in a chair
for 3 1/2 hours with spotlight on face and
bladder yodelling like stepped-on nuts and
blocking out all the diffuse words so it was
only mildy annoying. But there's still ignored
clutter that needs gracious exits known as the
works in progress or green x's (places that
didn't answer to the yell but not visually
verified yet). Besides, they take time away
from looking into her eyes and are best done
before the final meal of the day. Even then is
becoming a time of anticipation. Nurturing
before nite-nite. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Keeping It A Lifetime

If there is one principle more deeply rooted in
the mind of every American, it is that we
should have nothing to do with conquest.
~~Thomas Jefferson

At the end of the scene where the comeback
happens, we finally get to figure out how
important it is to be able to come back from
where you've been. Beyond the faith is where
the living version of you comes back to get
better and better. Nature's cycle of
re-flowering soothes us to ensure our innate
ability to bounce back. The key here is being
where that person that you lock stares with is
beside you the whole way. Beyond the
promise, happening more because it's so
perfect. The getting better and better part is
the best part of this realm. That and the hoed
part. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Duplex Perplex Complex

I don't think you can really make television based on what you
think audiences want. You can only make stories that you like,
because you have to watch it so many times.
~~Dick Wolf

How many undecideds does it take to make a difference?
Seeing the beat between the beats and hearing the colors at
their latest variation points says you're a derivative guy as
opposed to decisive. That puts you on common ground with
other undecideds and that as dichotomous as the world now
is, common ground with virtuous folk is good. The best folk
are those we love and my love gets rubbed with goddess-like
touch, arching our path at even a higher point. She reigns
where the intensity rocks the world, launches on a timely
basis and frames out the pleasure points with GPS accuracy. It
is she who is writing these words (I changed a few here and
there for flavor). But actually she is where undecided ends
and decided remains. Beyond Forever, truly ultrafidian. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Up and Adam

Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent.
~~Jean Kerr

Hard to get past the memories of 4 years ago when writing
about today. Tomorrow's a better day to deliver the diaspora.
Re-run of 9/11/2001:

Where the castles once patted the clouds is a hole that
drains what’s left of the foolish notions we once held
Pretensions about risks hidden among Palm Pilots and
West Wing reruns
Now drenched in despair from a September day gone wrong.

This carnage crushed our spirits as we listen to the voices of
suitors sobbing farewells while encapsulated by flames of Hell
in their cubicles
Leaving scions to walk the streets holding Kodak moments of
the departed
who never said goodbye.

Our innocence is folly, parlayed by pariahs evoking
sanctuary for sacrifice
Sandwiching body parts among shattered steel as the refrain
of why can’t we all get along is drowned in a sea of tears from
watching uniformed angels with masked revulsion assemble
every day in the hall of horrors
where the castles once stood
and where soldiers frolicked.

Our destiny is digitized for solemn screening by
former parishioners in the church of consumption
now sanctified by the reality that
They’re here.

To a person, the cry exhorts pleas for taming the beasts
to reincarnate the serenity when we acted like we are safe.
But our hearts are reminders that serenity is filed under
Security is suspended as banners and flags sustain our
hunger for justice, even while the smoky rubble smolders
A mass grave for loved ones we only got to know from
on network TV.

Hug the children and smother the rage, since we all know that
only love can bridge the aftermath.
Honor the workers around the obliteration
but never lose the caring we now carry
It may let us one day
all get along. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

Finding Richie's

Most of us don't know exactly what we want,
but we're pretty sure we don't have it.
~~ Alfred E. Neuman

Violets ARE blue, there's no word that rhymes
with orange and our love is here to stay.
Visualization along the lines of Mona Lisa's
lips (myth: they didn't take da Vinci 10 years
to paint) begins the refrain from color my
world in white light. While away, I'll put life
into these words and bask in the family glow.
These precious days I'll spend with you.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Asunder Aphorism

People will walk across the bridge to you, but
they probably won't build the bridge, and
once you accept that, then you can have a
very full life.
~~Barbara Feldon

Inside the locket, behind the picture is where
the prayers radiate to shield her from the
greed of man. His immunity from becoming
dragon food lies in the current list of harmless
foolishness he made when its forerunner led
him into heathen hijinx back then. Bad list.
Too many slay rides on the character express
and near self-immolation from dragon's
breath. This month finds our hero piecing
together bold affirmations and piquant
lunners for the kind of extensions that flatter
our flawless rambles. No need to fast forward.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nothing But Blue Skies

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.
~~William Shakespeare

Six years is both six minutes and a lifetime
when reflecting on my life with her. The
impermanence of life surrounding the zone
filters time erratically, with occasional
build-ups but mostly free flowing reveries
accented with affection. The edgeless
expanse of love's petal-strewn path frames
the days like strobe lights, questioning how
six years happened in so few blinks. But so
cathartic was that union in the doorway
which began on the dancefloor 100 days prior
that it's not possible there was any existance
without her, any at all. Today we'll elevate the
celebration that is part of everyday to give
thanks for being the ones who make us one. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 02, 2005

Gettin' Reel

Thou hast made thy people suffer hard
things; thou hast given us wine to drink that
made us reel.
~~Psalm 60.3

Tour de France psych says pleasure consumes
us and work strengthens us. Do the work.
Who can argue with do the work? - it often
makes the outcome what we want. It's the
type of work that generates wealth that
doesn't make the essential list for me. Even
the best dentist fills his last tooth one day
which doesn't signal end of worth.
For the lucky few, it is the beginning
of real worth (reel worth, too). Working a
tired muscle strengthens it and prospers
range of motion. Range of motion permits
mobility - the one that counts where gas
prices mean little. Working our neurological
stamens keeps us from having others worry
about us. Working our biological stamens,
well, there's where pleasure abounds. O
Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds..

I'm in the place I found after I sang "so long,
this time I'm goin' to stay..."Thank you,
Antoine" I found her. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sometimes a Sensible Notion

The expression of beauty is in direct ratio to the power of
conception the artist has acquired.
~~Gustave Courbet

Science gave us drugs with side effects (sometimes
deathioxx) and intelligent design includes these side effects:
pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain - he'll take care
of you. Getting close to people outside the family presents us
with incredibly fascinating people, but getting too close
makes us first seek reliable signs that all in our brood are OK .
The brood begins a billion years ago from the carbon in the
stardust so technically, spirited time outside hydrated by
nature is spending time with the family. The touchy-feely
starts at the dinner hour when we blend each day's results
with the flavoring of being hoe-ded. Sometimes a back rub
but always that look in her eyes, the stamen in the desert
flower offering up her pome. More nurturing than mother's
milk, it now has a minimum daily requirement to further the
expansion. We are golden. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

After Hanging 'Em Up

And I’d ply her with tears instead of pearls
And as time came around, she came my way
As time came around, she came
~~Peter Paul and Mary

Respect the worker when you're not one.
Creature comforts are easy compared to the
rigors of command. There's common ground
called style preferences which yield to the
artistic advisor exclusively. What a difference
there is between Ariel and Katrina as far as
property rights overrides go. The stuff that
you associate with longevity becomes "Next
!..." when the big one hits. Lesson here: avoid
getting anywhere near the big one if at all
possible. Where you want to be is near her
charging the us as one energy. All the
emotions are part of the seating arrangement
since exclusions have already been purged by
each of us. We don't spend time on the
exclusions since you gotta be fugly to make
that list. Pasta heads with angel hair like chia
pets only worse. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dream Release

Nothing is more desirable than to be released
from an affliction, but nothing is more
frightening than to be divested of a crutch.
~~James A. Baldwin

The blend of hanging and moving > ON
really applies to family. I really get major mo jo
from being able to be familyguy with her
brood. That's a blend with my now distant
family who remains engaged virtually. We
find out early that knowing that everyone in
the brood is OK or being owned by sibs is a
strong need. Blending the families into one,
part here and part distant provides stability to
the zone. I know the purpose of wrinting is to
provide clarity to ideas but the notion of
writing something that's never been written
before prevails. The never before is personal,
it's the core of getting out what needs to be
released and capturing it for notes to further
the understanding in the years ahead.
Personal discovery of two, not a first-time plot
or collage of objects. As long as I know what I
mean, I savor the bonus time it gives us
to reinforce the zone. We are one as family
as we are one as lovers. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Sanctity of Sequence

In the end, everything is a gag.
~~Charlie Chaplin

The levee where he drove his Chevy is rubbing
chests with Katrina and we're at a buck ten.
I'm beginning to concede that this may not
be getting the print job it deserves but maybe
it belongs just here. The dream sequence is
on a Colin Powell, brother in law, Kathy Burns
and mixed up flashbacks roll but pretty fine
sleep is continuing. Too much a/c time this
morning but reading under the umbrella has
that remedied (sympathy heavy-chest,
babe..). This 101st post is looking very 101A -
my life, blah-blah, but the early nite carry over
is just a repeat of yesterday's and we're
together for eternity. 'Nuff said, Ted.
((haven't heard that since '62 in Ray
Capman's Rambler)).

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Under the Fit and Finish

Design is the fundamental soul of a
human-made creation that ends up
expressing itself in successive outer layers of
the product or service.
~~Steve Jobs

The love is made from scratch. Are scratch
golfers lovers? Are itches signs of love?
Around here, a Saturday night sundown can
transform further conversation in the candle
light with tunes from standards singers into a
soulful interlude. Just the two of us,
impervious to monotony, accepting the
serenity from the absence of clutter and loyal
to the feelings that surge without warning.
From inside the cocoon the explanations that
exasperate and confuse outside the gates get
simpler and better understood with every
realization of our brilliance. If it gets any
better, it'll be another day here. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Come Let Me Take You on a Desert Cruise

He looked as inconspicuous as a tarantula on
a slice of angel food.
~~Raymond Chandler

Eccentricities are just the pinstripes on the
mudflaps of life. Tasteful is as variable as the
size of the tank from which it's poured. Jungle
works here better than manicured. She's my
appearance advisor so there's never any
worry of embarrassment when entering the
public queue. I just can't get to SoCal casual as
my baseline (but no more cut-off jeans...).
Looking like you have it all isn't as grand as
actually having it. She's off the hook on finer,
and that's includes all from major to minor.
Can't wait to see the effect of the blue
painting which had to be made with angel
wings. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Face Cards Count More

Life, in my estimation, is a biological
misadventure that we terminate on the
shoulders of six strange men whose only
objective is to make a hole in one with you.
~~Fred Allen

The unique binding we have doesn't diminish
the distinction of those couples who
preceded us. If the only true measure was
enduring then we're so far past that part we
should go right to cavorting. Truth in just
wanting to be together with all the
personality melding that happens (I've ruined
her...but she's funny), that truth is so on the
point. Consecutive days of multi-dimensional
exchanges have a learning dynamic to them
in addition to the nurturing. She's so well
endowed with everything that adds to love
that I can't stop saying thanks. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sublimate Your Transference

Nothing you write, if you hope to be good, will ever come out
as you first hoped.
~~Lillian Hellman

Using overkill depends on how desperate the receiver is for
getting the shock value to trigger the move towards the
desired results. Going to AA (overkill) after confessing that I
once pulled into the driveway, fell asleep and when the bride
asked what I was doing for the past hour, I said driving home.
The cool hood over the engine nailed me flat. What I
discovered at the two meetings I attended was I will make
sure I don't need hugs from strangers to induce the behavior
the hugs reinforce, hence the overstating lyrics found here
about keeping above the clouds and avoiding impairment like
it's worse than hotel bedspreads that smell like ass. I tasted
old satisfaction today peeling off filthy stained workclothes. I'll
spare the details on the why getting a good tree guy is on the
top of my must-dos. Used to do that as a negotiating ploy but
no need to negotiate now. The love is there for the taking and
giving and it layers the confines entirely. I kiss the ground.
She is my muse and my life.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Low Risk Limits Testing

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of
letting go and holding on.
~~Henry Ellis

Walking a straight path across the dam wall
may have resembled sobriety testing but
actually was an exercise routine to calibrate
balance and mobility. Ample is plenty but
spirited a must. The current version is more a
blend of endurance maintenance at the gym
and actual results when dealing with public.
The Staying Real mandate insists that the
spiritual focus during part of the day be
overlayed with physical requirements on a
moments notice. Turns out that hasn't been
an impediment to getting that great return
on investment of capture time. That means
that regardless of profundity or lack of it in
what's captured, it paper trails part of
everyday. Happy trails to you. Let's go on a pony ride Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It took me so long to find, I found out

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they
are the children of your soul, the blueprints of
your ultimate achievements.
~~Napoleon Hill

Short days and long nights sometimes means
a lighted life. When the long nights are
dream-filled, sleep is prevalent. Even when
the dreams aren't so much fun, the following
day still glows warmly. Could conclude that
pursuing your day like you're dipped in
dreamland makes for a well-rested
daydreamer. The impressions left here are
some facet of what my dreams mean, the day
ones and not the night ones. My fast forward
is fixed on dreaming about the Ponderosa
replete with actual family first and final
answer. Next would be to dream about loved
ones from former life, some who are still
living, or anyone from our reinvented
presence. When the recurring nagger
featuring return to work and becoming lost
stops for a few nights, I realize how soothing
the replacement dreams are even though I
don't remember the details.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

When I Grow Up

The queer movement was anti institutional
with a critique to normalization: that you
don't have to get normal to become
~~Judith Butler

The game of ultimate peer review is at the
highest point on the 'why I write' chart. The
ability to maintain complete freedom to go
wherever the stream takes us and the
resulting capture worthy of random returns is
plenty for her exclusive eyes. Today's meal
was all her and perfect to keep the link from
the weekend through today. Not so
important is knowing even though Rusty
passes the smell test, it gets run over by the
big dogs if it were to be opened up to the
writers, researchers and image editors of the
planet. Not real important. The long term
benefits of doing this are edgeless in
possibilities. Posted by Picasa

Ringtones and the Frozen Eggs

That's the best thing about writing, when you're in that zone,
you're porous, ready to absorb the solution.
~~Michael Chabon

Oh media, source of foolish pandering, why do we listen to
your words about the Dow and today's price at the pump and
sleep through the mention of more dead soldiers? Industry
data says there are 1.3 trillion barrels of oil left in the planet or
42 more years of current consumption levels. Pray that we're not discarding lives just to fuel our hemis. So I recall the day in my first month with the company where I got caught short on the bus ride to the office. Miraculously, I held on through the commute and the elevator ride and the dash to the stall where I undid my belt and yanked my trousers down just in the nick o'tine. As I smiled with relef, I noticed that my zipper didn't open but rather tore itself from its stitches, leaving quite an opening in front that I had no way of closing. I stood by the door until the elevator dinged and my friend Kathy walked by as I pleaded for her to stop. She finally understood I wasn't trying to flash her and got me a stapler which secured my flies but pinstriped my package like a chrome hood ornament. Lesson learned: deliberate is better than frantic when it comes to pooping.

What is the difference between a joist and a girder? Joist
wrote "Ulysses" and girder wrote "Faust". Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saprophyte: A Good Night for Barren Cliques

All morality has been modelled on immorality and to this day has reinstated it at every level. The slave morality is indeed bad: it is still the master morality.
~~Theodor Adorno

The Bible's portrayal as a fact-checked biology book is like calling sperm unborn children. Too many missing events; like the realm of the unreal. My affectation to avoid the sententious and clog the lines with these words is probably thanks to Benny OneSix and the other Godmen who tout total acceptance or be labeled Godless. You can't be the ex-squeeze me man and be Godless. I just saw the light with my open eyes and it was not as bright as her gaze. I can taste the exact moment. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lady Luck is a Fool's Mentor

Women's total instinct for gambling is
satisfied by marriage.
~~Gloria Steinem

Living among the masses, most of whom take
part in games of chance, tinkers with my
"don't leave the Big Needs to chance"
conviction, but not so much. One doesn't
always follow the other but it helps explain
why I still don't get trying to win big money.
Knowing that the best things in life aren't
things, winning big to be able to buy big
things sounds alot like a formula for
heartbreak. The ultimate jackpot has a pulse
and mine includes me in a role I wrote for
myself when I spent many hours awake in the
dark. She redefined her role to match the
barcode on our soul and my nocturnal hours are
enmeshed now with loving her. She's like a kid
with a puppy unable to keep from squishing
his face. Then it blooms into serenity
moments where the loving declares how it
really is the love-you-long-time version. Being
comfortable helps, being smitten is the center
piece. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Is That All There Is ?

If you are going to sin, sin against God, not
the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the
bureaucracy won't.
~~Hyman Rickover

The labor of love works so much better than
the wages of sin. See, we've been doing
sound bites for over 4,000 years and the trap is
that we're still getting stuck on the processes instead of
moving on to the revelation. The scholars
who worked on the King James Version cared
not at all about the absence of acclaim for
their choice of words because their work was
a labor of love. The extreme differences in the
voices of the Gold Star Mothers means
nothing since they're mourning, something
unthinkable, coping with outliving any of
your children. It's not about acclaim or
applause or using tricks like pretending
you're the smartest person in the room.
Seeing how my love affects her makes me
love her effortlessly (no labor). Every attempt
to capture The Kiss (Debra Messing's version
in Wedding Date worked recently) brings the
feelings to the edge of my skin from the room
spinning at the Rio. Everyday still includes
some breath-taking spins. Posted by Picasa