Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If I Didn't Care

A little nonsense now and then is relished by
the wisest men.
~~ Willy Wonka

Pass me the reason for caring about the
things people get paid for caring (or at least
broadcasting that you should care). The
cynicism is annoying but partly necessary. If
you don't pay attention to who's giving the
information as much AS the information, you
might be a redneck. Instead of delving into
the hinneyholes on the highway, I kept them
in the radar but thought instead about which
way to go to maybe pick-up lunch. I just like
to keep my care focus on us because the
results there count foreverything. We're both
about young, about reaching/keeping
acceptable levels of range of motion, lookin'
good, laughing as much as humanly possible
and so-o attracted to the 'ands' between the
beats. Thinking about nightmares from the
past helped in the understanding of today's el
crappo dreams but lacking in sufficient
holding power to think about any further.
Holding power is what occurs when we're
holding on (sometimes called HOE-DING) the
other voices are silenced and chants from our
soul take over.
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