Monday, August 15, 2005

When You're On the Same Side

Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is
~~Josh Billings

Dealing with the focus makes for clarity. The
distractions are everywhere, too many to be
filtered, so the imperative is maximizing our
time in the zone. Filters adjusted accordingly;
signals inside us are one. Frank Rich's take on
the war is becoming the prevailing one on the
outside, but where the control counts, no end
in sight. Meanwhile, somewhere there's a
school mascot that's the pressing issue of the
time. I heard the argument being made that if
we evolved as science has revealed we'd have
no moral purpose. Part of my mind
understands first hand how God works and
with the same frequency my decisions
happen because they can. I don't get the either/
or ultimatums. Getting added strength after
acting on a decision reinforces both forces for
me. Angelic moments are constantly part of
the moments (with two angels mated, what
did you expect)? Two whom were rescued.
And who sang Rescue Me? - Fontana Bass!
((too bad it's actually Fontella Bass...heh-heh)) Posted by Picasa