Monday, August 08, 2005

I Want to Be Around for the Breakthroughs

The pleasure we derive from the
representation of the present is due, not only
to the beauty it can be clothed in, but also to
its essential quality of being the present.
~~Charles Baudelaire

Pacificism has been so successfully cliched that it
invariably elicits "Of course war is bad, but what about
being taking over by worse (or even worser)"?
The disconnect comes when accepting that
you need tough guys to fight for you but you
are too prone to MAKE them die for you.
Overcoming bumps along the way on the
homefront would be the best best way to
maintain "let's get along" once it's achieved
around the planet. When you keep talking
about how you feel and both are listening
what the other one is saying and really caring
about what you hear, boingo. It doesn't
always happen in the first sentence or two,
but the conversation will take you there.
Getting back up into the love zone is all that
counts. Posted by Picasa